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First Fridays in Venice, CA

On the first Friday of every month, you can find the streets of Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. lined up with food truck heaven! Walk the length of Abbot Kinney and find the tasty treat you’re looking for. Abbot and Kinney is already a shopping mecca, add food trucks the length of the street and you get a fun outdoor people watching bonanza. If you missed First Friday in Venice this month, then don’t forget to mark your calendar for next month!

Different types of food trucks lines Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA. We took pics of them all and looked up their social media handles for you!

The Lobsta Truck has a strong following. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook!


Check out Tango Mango Italian Ice Co  

Check out The S’Cream Truck, yummy!   

Azteca Truck is in the house. Check them out on their social.    

India Jones Chow Truck is online as well.   

M.O.Eggrolls food truck is M.O. Delicious!   

Check out MEETnPOTATOES food truck at Venice First Fridays. Sandwiches stacked high with Italian bread, coleslaw french fries and your choice of meat. Ask about our amazing dipping sauces to pair with an order of fries.   

Cod Save The Queen Fish and Chips Food Truck was busy.    

Calbi Tacos & Burritos had a large crowd of people enjoying their food.    

Serendoggity Organic Hot Dogs is social!   

Check out CheerBurger on their social   

New in the food truck business, but looking mighty yummy with their menu is Random Treats. Check them out on their social at   

Don’t panic, it’s organic! Green Truck only uses certified organic ingredients, which protect your body from harmful pesticides and keep pollutants away from plants, animals, and waterways. We also buy locally grown ingredients whenever possible.   


Tainamite Food Truck offers wholesome goodness of Taiwanese and Vietnamese home style cooking by using the freshest ingredients prepared daily. Tainamite brings Asian flavors to the melting pot of Southern California.  

The Bun Truck is a gourmet food truck in the Los Angeles-area serving Korean-Mediterranean Fusion. The name is derived from their popular steamed buns and Korean BBQ gyros.   

The goal at Crispy Waffle & Frite is to share their Belgian street food experience with you – and put a giant smile on your face!   

Over by the new Bikram Yoga Studio on Washington and Abbot Kinney we also found the Kreation Organic Juice Truck, offering a wide variety of organic juices and special drinks!   

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